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You can have enough fun playing word games. Wondering what word games are? They are very simple and yet entertaining. Lot of excitement is involved in playing word games. Some of the well-known word games are “Wordfeud”, “Ruzzle”, “Scramble with friends”, “Lex”, “Classic words plus” etc. Word games can be played online and are supported on all platforms. You can challenge your friend sitting at home. Most of the word games have multiplayer options and are allowed to play on social networks. You can just connect to social network where you already have an account and start playing seamlessly.
Here is one attention-grabbing word game named “Ruzzle”. In this game player must find an opponent to start the game. Player can allow system to choose opponents for them by randomly picking any online users, they can even choose from a list of friends set. They can also choose among their Facebook friends. Ruzzle has three rounds of game play; the final score is the sum of the scores obtained at the end of each level. In this game player is provided with 4X4 grid of letters to form as many words as possible in two minutes time slot. Words formed by the player should be at least two letters and should be formed using letters adjacent to one another. Repetition of words is not allowed in the game.
“Scramble with friends” is also one of the admired word games. In this game player will be provided with jumbled 4X4 grid of letters to form words within the given slot of time. Words can be formed diagonally, vertically and horizontally. Each game consists of three rounds where first round will be completed by forming single word and in the second round two words formation is allowed. In the third round the word is multiplied by two and three words. Did you try listening to sounds while playing these games? Aren’t they interesting? Why not give it a try?
Added advantage in the game “Scramble with friends” is that it has been provided with four power ups namely “Freeze”, “Inspiration”, “Scramble” and “Vision”. If the player is running out of time and has a very less score, he can choose “Freeze” power up which grants extra time to continue the game. In case player is unable to locate the words on the grid he can choose “Inspiration” power up which highlights the words to play. Player can choose “Scramble” power up which rotates/flips the words on the grid that helps the player to play with new perception. On choosing “Vision” power up, player will be given the opportunity to identify three words, if all the three words are identified by the player he will be gifted with bonus time.
“Scarmble with friends” also has a facebook connect. Players can search their friends by username and invite them to play as their opponents. Chat feature is also available in the game, where the player can chat with the opponents. There is a token system in the game where player has to pay for the token at the start of each round. Every twenty minutes a new token will be available for the player. Extra tokens are also available for instant purchase if the players are out of stock with the tokens.

Adventures in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a hugely popular game on the iOS and Android platforms where you get to control your own village and develop your clan so that they could become the most powerful one in the entire kingdom. The game is amazingly well done with importance given to even the most minute details, has great graphics and the best RPG elements that will keep you glued to it for hours. The game was the first of its kind that introduced role playing strategy elements into a mobile title which makes it genuinely interesting for players of all age groups. In order to succeed in the game, you should know the important resources used in it and different ways to efficiently manage them.
The chief resources in Clash of Clans are the gold, gems, elixir and dark elixir. The gold can be found by using gold mines which you should construct in specific spots and it will be keep generating more until the mine goes dry. All the gold that you generate should be stored properly in a gold storage structure so that you could use it at a later time. They are the most important of them all because gold is mandatory to build defensive buildings, other structures, traps, decorations and much more.
The elixir is another important resource which can be found using the elixir collectors. Similar to gold, you can store them in elixir storages and the amount that you have in pending will be displayed on the right corner of the screen for your convenience. They are handy when it comes to purchasing new troops, dark elixir drills, gold mines, army buildings and so on. There’s another variant namely the dark elixir which is used to purchase powerful upgrades for your heroes and training special dark elixir troops who are much more powerful than normal ones.
Gems is another primary resource which is granted to you in limited quantity when you start the game but it will usually drain out when you start using it for speeding up the construction process and buy other types of resources to enhance your clan. Once they drain out, the only way to regain them is by doing special tasks or you have to manually purchase them using real life currency. You can get more gems by using clash of clans hack which is 100% free to use.
Resource Buildings
The resource buildings found in Clash of Clans include Gold mine, Gold storage, Elixir collector, Elixir storage, Dark Elixir drill, Dark Elixir storage and the builder’s hut. Each building in the game has a specific function and it is mandatory that you utilize them all in an efficient manner so as to move your clan forward towards victory. Among them gems are the most precious of them all and the most expensive as well, as players have to use real money to buy them. Instead, if you learn some tips and tricks to do specific jobs, you will be able to earn them without spending money. Enjoy the game by having all the resources in good quantity and upgrade your village to the next level.

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